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Premium -Qualität Pachinko -Maschinen und japanische Fähigkeiten Slot -Maschinen in Übersee Spezialverkaufsgeschäft
Premium -Qualität Pachinko -Maschinen und japanische Fähigkeiten Slot -Maschinen in Übersee Spezialverkaufsgeschäft

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Solid stand

I was on the fence as to whether I wanted just standard black or a color to match my Godzilla vs. Evangelion -G Cell Awakening machine. I am glad I went with the metallic red - it nearly perfectly matches the reds on the cabinet and looks great overall. Stand feels very sturdy and I am thankful it came pre-installed with my pachinko machine shipment and was well packed.

Absolutely Insane!

This machine was my holy grail... the pinnacle to my kaiju collection... the ultimate absurd collaboration between Shin Godzilla and Evangelion. Everything about this cabinet is absolutely nuts and it is both fun and addicting to play. A-Pachinko World exceeded my expectations with their quality and service from purchase to delivery. Machine came expertly packed and much faster than expected. Was simple to install thanks to the provided YouTube video. Highly recommended all around.

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Style Cabinet
Pachinko Cabinet

A good cabinet that’s relatively easy to put together. The company was excellent with communication and make sure I got what I needed. Will do business with again.

Amazing Machine

Machine came way too fast, it caught me off guard. It was in great condition and plays really well. I wish I was a bit more knowledgeable on these machines, for I would have selected the option to disable prize balls. Will definitely order in the future.

Christopher McMillen

Amazing customer service, quality, and price! My family and friends really enjoy this machine.

Awesome stand

The stand looks great attached to the Pachinko machine. Holds it really well and sturdy. I am very happy with the purchase.

Must have for simple stand

If you’re getting the simple stand I highly recommend this to keep the top protected. It came nicely packaged and fit perfectly on the simple stand

Simple stand
Great stand

Was hesitant about getting this because it’s made out of cardboard but the company shared some photos showing how strong it was. It’s really easy to assemble and looks great with my new pachislo. I recommend getting this if you need something to place your machine on and it’s very light weight but feels sturdy. Make sure to add the acrylic mat to keep the top protected.

My 1st pachislo and it’s amazing!

This is my first pachislo machine and first time buying from a-pachinko. I was really impressed with the packaging of the product , I think it was the best packaging I have ever seen!! Machine came in great shape and almost looks brand new. The turn around from ordering to delivery was very fast and I loved the quick communication I received regarding some questions I had. The machine itself is really nice looking and the high def display looks fantastic. Game play is smooth but I must warn you, if you live in an apartment know that this machine is loud. It vibrates hard when you first turn on the machine and also if you win. I am overall very happy with this product and it blends in great with my anime figure collection. Highly recommend buying from a-pachinko and I will definitely be ordering from them again

Lupin The Third Dream of Italy

I have ordered many machines from A-Pachinko and every single time they do not disappoint. If you have any problem they will help you get it fixed immediately. In regards to this machine it came super clean (it looked almost unused). A-Pachinko also supports their product after you get it if you have any questions or issues etc which is nice. I plan to order another machine soon!

Solid Machine

This was great for a first machine. It's been a good conversation starter. And I absolutely love that I can get lost in it for a few hours.

Excellent, fun machine

Service from A-Pachinko was impeccable, as always. They are fast, prompt and courteous. They sent pictures of the machine prior to shipment. Packaging was excellent, they took extra care to add foam and wrap inside and outside the machine. Came with a booklet and keys as well. Machine works fantastic.
Video footage of it in action below.

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