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Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales

Simple stand Acrylic mat [Simple stand dedicated size]

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Simple Stand Acrylic Matte

A special size mat to protect the top panel of the very popular Simple Stand.

Due to the nature of the Simple Stand, which has been very popular, it is vulnerable to water and its surface is easily scratched.
Therefore, we have created a special size acrylic mat to protect the top of the Simple Stand.
This will allow you to use the Simple Stand for a longer period of time in a beautiful condition. If you use it for pachinko, please be sure to use it with a fixed stand.

Made of acrylic that is safe from water damage.

The special mat is made of acrylic. It is impermeable to water and has a moderate hardness, allowing you to place PET bottles and other items that were previously difficult to place near the actual device.
In addition, the transparency and gloss of the acrylic resin further enhances the luxurious feel of the simple stand.

Flexible material, can be rolled up for storage.

The acrylic material is relatively soft, so it can be loosely rolled up for storage to prevent accidental scratching of the surface.

It is made of transparent material, so you can put your favorite pictures or setting chart between them.

You can put pictures of your favorite characters, posters, and setting charts for ROMs and coin-less machines between the mat and the stand so that you can see them at any time.
This way, you don't have to unfold the instruction manual every time, and you can also finish the simple stand to your favorite image. Depending on the material used, printed materials may be transferred to the mat, or ink may stick to the mat.

    Contents and Notes

    Set Contents

    ・Acrylic resin mat for simple stand x 1 sheet


    ※This product is an acrylic resin product. Please read the precautions carefully before use.
    ※When opening the packaging, please be careful not to damage the product with the blade of a knife or other tool.

    Customer Reviews

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    Must have for simple stand

    If you’re getting the simple stand I highly recommend this to keep the top protected. It came nicely packaged and fit perfectly on the simple stand