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Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales
Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales

Simple stand

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[Important Notice]

  • NOTE:Due to the increase in shipping costs caused by the rise in airfreight rates, we have temporarily increased shipping charges, especially for small items.
  • We will not charge shipping fee if you are bundling with larger items, such as pachinko/pachislot machines itself and we could pack the item together. (We will try our best to pack together and will let you know in case we could not)

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  • Asia:$77.08
  • Oceania, Middle East, Canada, Mexico, Europe:$121.25
  • North America:$140.00
  • Latin America & Africa:$159.17

Corrugated cardboard stand

A stylish stand for installing actual machines with a simple form.
Moreover, it is a lightweight, highly durable, eco-friendly product.
Although it is made of cardboard, it features an edgy and highly precise finish, and is designed so that you can fit your toes in, so you can enjoy playing with plenty of room to spare while sitting on a chair.

Simple structure with a load capacity of over 100kg! Optimized design for material selection and ease of use.

The legs are combined crosswise and the strut structure extends to the back to firmly support the stand. Moreover, the top panel is made of highly durable reinforced cardboard, unlike the cardboard used in general. The top board is made of reinforced cardboard, which is more durable than standard cardboard.
The leg shape alone went through five specification changes to achieve a design that combines practicality and strength at a high level. When using it with a pachinko machine, be sure to use it with a fixed stand.

From shipping to disposal. Low total cost is also attractive.

There is a reason why the cardboard stand is assembled. It is because of the low shipping cost and ease of disposal.
Regular cabinets (pre-assembled wooden ones) cost around 10,000 yen for shipping, and in some cases, it is more expensive than the main unit.
Also, disused cabinets are treated as oversized garbage or industrial waste, so you may be charged a disposal fee.
With a cardboard stand, you can send it for the usual small item fee and dispose of it as recyclable garbage or regular garbage. If you think about the total cost, cardboard stands are definitely the way to go! It's a good deal.

Only three parts. Easy to assemble with assembly instructions included.

The lightweight cardboard material makes it easy for one person to assemble. Just follow the assembly instructions without using scissors or cutters.
Even a first-time user can assemble it in about 10 minutes.
Of course, the fact that it is assembled means that it can be easily returned to its original state when not in use or when you move. It can also be stored in a carry case for easy storage.

Please be sure to follow the precautions.

  • This table is a paper product.
  • This table is exclusively for actual pachislot/pachinko machines. It is extremely dangerous to place anything other than actual pachislot/pachinko machines or multiple actual pachislot/pachinko machines on this table. Use only one actual pachislot or pachinko machine at a time. Also, be sure to use a fixed stand for pachinko.
  • This table is not waterproof or water-repellent. Please do not get it wet with water. If it does get wet, please stop using it and refrain from using it again as it will lose its strength.
  • This table is not fireproof, flameproof, or fireproofed. Do not use fire nearby. There is a risk of fire.
  • This stand is an assembly type. Please read the instruction manual (assembly drawing) carefully and assemble it correctly before use. When assembled correctly, the stand is sufficiently strong. However, shaking the stand, twisting the stand, or applying impact from the side may damage or break the main unit or accessories, and reduce the strength of the stand, making it dangerous. After placing the actual device on the stand, please refrain from applying force to it.
  • If the product is unstable even though it has been assembled correctly, stop using it and consult your dealer. Do not continue to use the product in an unstable condition.
  • It is very dangerous to move the machine while it is still on the table. Even if it is troublesome, take the actual machine off the table before moving it.
  • There is a possibility that the product may fall over during an earthquake or other disaster, or depending on the installation environment. Please take all possible safety precautions to ensure safe use.
  • If you feel any abnormality, stop using the product immediately and evacuate the product to a safe place.

Size and set contents

  • One cardboard stand for setting up the actual device (assembly type)
  • Assembly instructions (assembly drawing) x 1 sheet

※This product is a corrugated cardboard product. Please read the precautions carefully before using this product.
※When opening the packaging, please be careful not to damage the product with the blade of a knife or other tool.

Simple Stand Assembly Method

Customer Reviews

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Great stand

Was hesitant about getting this because it’s made out of cardboard but the company shared some photos showing how strong it was. It’s really easy to assemble and looks great with my new pachislo. I recommend getting this if you need something to place your machine on and it’s very light weight but feels sturdy. Make sure to add the acrylic mat to keep the top protected.