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Pachinko Machines and Slot Machines Overseas Specialty Sales Site
Pachinko Machines and Slot Machines Overseas Specialty Sales Site

Pachislot door keys are available for each manufacturer and model!

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Shipping information

  • If you purchase the machine, the optional shipping fee will be free, except for some items. The reason is that it can be packed with the machine. If you purchase only the option, the shipping fee will be charged, so we will charge the shipping fee after purchase. please note. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message.

Please be sure to enter the name of the manufacturer, model, or key No. to be used when ordering.

※The shape of the key differs depending on the make and model, so please remember to fill in the form.

※In some cases, the key cylinder attached to the machine you have described is not the genuine key cylinder. For example, the genuine key for Sammy Eureka Seven is key No. 110, and it can usually be opened with key No. 110, but there are some machines that have a different cylinder and cannot be opened with key No. 110. Therefore, please check the key cylinder number of the machine you have before purchasing. We will send you a key that matches the genuine key cylinder of the manufacturer and model you have indicated, so please check beforehand.