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Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales
Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales

A-Controller Plus (An auto controller that allows you to play without pachinko balls. Easy operation with wireless remote control)

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  • We will not charge shipping fee if you are bundling with larger items, such as pachinko/pachislot machines itself and we could pack the item together. (We will try our best to pack together and will let you know in case we could not)

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ワイヤレスリモコンだからどこからでも自由自在な操作性。 本体のセグ表示で設定状態をすぐに確認。素早い設定設定変更が行えて便利です。 初心者でも安心。ワンプッシュで全自動に。 表示部に簡易データ機能を標準搭載。外部端子でデータカウンターも接続OK! 電チュー・アタッカーの動作のみ停止で、静音性向上。快適なプレーをお約束。 まだまだあります!便利な機能。 A-コントローラーをより便利に、より快適にするオプションたち。 実機加工することなく、取付け・取り外しができるコネクタ式 見やすいところに自由に設置。

It is wirelessly operated, so you can comfortably operate it from a distance without worrying about wires.
You can enjoy playing anytime, anywhere according to your lifestyle.

The main unit is equipped with a "Seg" display, which allows you to quickly check the current setting status with the display pattern of "numbers" and "dots" lighting up, blinking, and turning off, and also allows you to quickly change settings.

With a single push of a button, all operations such as right-handed hitting, left-handed hitting, and V-prizes are fully automatic.
With the advanced programming, there are no errors and you can enjoy the game with peace of mind.
Of course, operation can be stopped with a single push.

A simple data counter function that displays the number of rotations, number of jackpots, and total number of rotations on the main unit display is provided as standard.
Basic data collection can be done only with the A-Controller Plus.

In addition, since the system does not use an "external terminal version" as is often the case with conventional auto controllers, you can freely connect your favorite data counter as a retrofit at any time.
Of course, both the A-Controller Plus and the data counter operate normally.

Since the A-Controller Plus only stops the movement of the electric tulip and attacker, it eliminates the "clack" noise that bothers you during play.
By eliminating the noise, you can concentrate on playing comfortably.
Furthermore, if you install a "role stop switch" and an "A-converter," you can play without sound.

You can choose from five different prize styles to suit your model, your style of play, and your mood of the day.

Special effects are available when the prize is awarded in excess.

Even after the jackpot attacker closes, the A-Controller Plus can let the player win the jackpot for about 0.5 seconds.
The A-Controller Plus allows you to watch the performance you want to see even when the jackpot attacker is closed.

The random number setting makes it more realistic.

By setting a random number variation, you can make the winning timing vary and reproduce the artificial movement of the ball as if you were actually hitting the ball.
Up to 50% of the random number variation can be set for the set speed.

Chance button operation is also flexible.

The chance button can be operated freely from the remote control.
Automatic button presses
Auto-hitting by mode (normal, during jackpot, and short/sure change)
Manual sequential hitting
You can adjust the speed of the auto-strike, and you can also press and hold the chance button in Rimon.

You can also use the remote control to turn the actual unit on and off.

The remote control allows you to turn the power of the actual device on and off.
Since there is no need to turn the power on and off using the power switch on the back of the actual machine each time, you can easily start playing and stop playing.

The connector type is easy to install, so there is no need to cut or connect the wiring of the actual device.
When you want to play the ball, just remove the connector and put it back on.
If you purchase the product at the same time as the actual machine, our professional staff will install the product and ship it to you free of charge, so you can enjoy playing immediately after delivery.

[Note] When purchasing individual items or adding expansion options

If you purchase a single product, you will have to install (connect) it by yourself.
We do not provide support for installation of the extended option "Chance button auto-strike function".

Since the main unit is lightweight, it can be placed on the upper plate using a commercially available phone holder or directly fixed to the glass surface of the actual machine with double-sided tape.
When operating the device from a distance or when the data counter function is not important, placing the device on a fixed pachinko table or the like will not spoil the appearance of the actual device.

Set Contents

  • A-CONTROLLER Plus main unit x 1 (processed for installation on actual machine)
  • A-CONTROLLER remote control x 1
  • (printed) instructions

※This product requires processing of the actual device itself. Therefore, it cannot be sold separately.
※The operating range of the remote control is approximately 5 meters from the actual device. The operating range may vary depending on the environment.

【Ordering Information】

※This product is made to order, so please allow 10 days for delivery.
※Please allow one month for the production of models that we do not produce.
Please contact us for details.

【About error cancellation】

If you purchase an A-Controller PLUS at the same time as the actual machine, we will perform the error cancellation for you.
The A-Controller PLUS is designed to be used with a machine that has been error-cleared, so if it is installed on a machine that has not been error-cleared, an error will occur. (There are some exceptions to this rule.)
(There are some exceptions to this rule.) If you remove the error message, the error message will not be displayed when you hit a ball or win a jackpot, and the illumination will not be damaged.