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Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales
Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales

Simple stand / chair set double

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$85.20 - $85.20
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  • We will not charge shipping fee if you are bundling with larger items, such as pachinko/pachislot machines itself and we could pack the item together. (We will try our best to pack together and will let you know in case we could not)

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A double version of the long-selling Simple Stand and Simple Chair. Two actual machines can be neatly installed.

A stylish stand for installing actual machines with a simple form.
This double version can be used to place two actual machines, which has been requested by many customers. It comes in two colors: rich black with two coats of black, and clean, modern white.
Not only the color, but also all the shapes are designed with edgy straight lines, giving a distinctive presence to the room.
Moreover, the material used is paper, making it a lightweight, highly durable, and eco-friendly product.

It can be used in a variety of situations, not just for actual machines.

The Simple Stand can be used very effectively even when placed on a single unit. You can place the actual device on one side and a computer on the other side for convenient use in distributing the actual device. It can also be used as a free space where you can put anything you like.
The high durability and lightness of the product make it possible to use it in various ways. When multiple units are used side by side, it can be turned into a table.
When not in use, it can be folded compactly.

The set promises a comfortable environment.

Using the Simple Chair and Simple Stand as a set, you can enjoy comfortable playing at a height that is easy to hit.
Since the toes can be placed in the hollows of the legs of the Simple Stand, you can play at a closer position than with a standard cabinet.
Moreover, since the Simple Chair is designed to be used as a set with the Simple Stand, it can be stored between the legs of the Simple Stand to minimize the space required for placement.

Black is more black. You can see the difference in the surface finish.

Usually, black cardboard is made by printing black color on the cardboard surface.
However, this black is a "near gray" black. As it is, it inevitably looks whitish.
Therefore, for the Simple Series, we decided to print black color twice on white cardboard to make it darker and deeper.
We also added a clear coating surface (varnish surface) to protect the surface of the material from color transfer even when rubbed by hand. A total of three coats were applied (white is only clear coated).
The black color makes the actual product stand out even more.

The shape is simple, but the contents are rational.

The shape of the Simple Chair is a hexagonal cylinder. This is the result of a search for mechanical meaning.
However, the most prized feature of the Simple Chair's design is its internal structure. The internal structure, which is assembled in such a way that it intersects each diagonal, supports the chair firmly and ensures a high level of strength.
In addition, the chair itself is made of a single piece of cardboard, designed so that if stress is applied anywhere, the entire chair will absorb the stress efficiently.

Cheap fares, easy disposal, and low total cost are also attractive.

The simple chair is made of cardboard and is assembled. It is lightweight and can be sent to you folded up small, so the shipping cost is cheaper than that of a style stand or cabinet.
Moreover, when you are no longer using it, you can dispose of it as recyclable trash or regular trash, so there is no extra cost.

Easy to assemble with assembly instructions included.

The lightweight cardboard material makes it easy for one person to assemble. Just follow the assembly instructions without using scissors or cutters.
Even a first-time user can assemble both the stand and the chair in 10 minutes.
Of course, the fact that they are assembled means that you can easily put them back together when you are not using them or when you are moving. You can also fold it up for easy storage.

    Size and set contents

    • Installation stand for the actual machine x 1 (assembled / made of cardboard)
    • Chair (chair) x 1 (assembled / made of cardboard)
    • Assembly instructions (assembly drawing) x 2 sheets

    ※This product is a corrugated cardboard product. Please read the precautions carefully before using this product.
    ※When opening the packaging, please be careful not to damage the product with the blade of a knife or other tool.

    Simple Stand Assembly Method