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Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales
Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales

Acrylic data counter stay [Pachinko / Pachislot sharing]

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A simple and beautiful acrylic data counter stay that can be used for both pachinko and slots.

Until now, when you wanted to use a data counter, you had to place it directly on the actual machine or use an expensive cabinet or data counter box. With this data counter stay, you can use data counters easily and beautifully in both pachinko and slots.

Long neck and 5° slope for use in different situations.

To make it easy to use with a variety of models, the long neck specification is designed with a distance between the counter mounting part and the main unit mounting part.
In addition, in consideration of looking up from below, the counter mounting part is inclined by 5° to make it easier to see.

Easy installation with screws to the actual machine.

To install the data counter stay, simply attach it directly to the actual machine with the included screws.
Since screw holes are drilled from the beginning, it can be easily attached to the actual machine.
Some of the screw holes are also slit type, so the stay can be mounted even on models where the actual machine itself is not made of wood.

Illumination is possible because of the clear material.

By adding the LED illumination kit (sold separately), the actual machine can be made more gorgeous and glamorous.
Furthermore, by adding an illumination controller (sold separately), the type and speed of illumination can be freely changed.
Installation of the illumination kit is to be done by the customer. Please use commercially available transparent tape for installation. Please install the kit with the LED light emitting element facing outward into the cord hole in the center of the data counter mounting area of the data counter stay.

Size and set contents

  • Data counter stay body x 1pc
  • Mounting screws x 5

※This product is made of acrylic.
※Due to the handmade nature of this product, there may be slight dimensional errors.
※If the screws are fixed with excessive force, the unit may be damaged. Please be careful not to apply too much force.
※Keep cigarettes and other open flames away from the product.
※Depending on the actual device, it may be difficult to fix the unit with the screw holes on the main unit. In this case, please use double-sided tape and at least one screw to secure the unit.

See the video! LED emission pattern and LED emission color! Acrylic data counter stay

Video explaining the "installation method"! Acrylic Data Counter Stay