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Reel stopper: Quiet option that allows you to play while the reel rotation is stopped

by Sound
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Watch the video! Reel stopper

Reel stopper

You can play with the reels off!
Quiet option


By installing this reel stopper, you will be able to play with the reels stopped. The reel stopper can be attached and removed with a single touch of the connector, making it easy to install and remove. It can also be used on the same chassis, so having one is very useful. This is the perfect quiet option for those who can't play late at night because of the reel noise. Get rid of the noise of the reels spinning backwards when the machine is frozen! You will be able to play your favorite machine to your heart's content without worrying about the noise.


You can play with the reels stopped spinning.
Ideal for pseudo-bonus machines.
Eliminates the noise of reverse rotation during freezes.
One-touch connection and disconnection.
Can be used on the same chassis.

If you install the reel stopper

Now you can play without spinning the reels!

Product contents

Reel Stopper Body x 1

Maker Supported models
Ginza Chassis of Kaito Apocalypse Kaiji 3
Sammy Bakemonogatari / Ghost in the Shell / Ashita no Joe 2
Twin Angel BREAK
Daito giken Kagami, Claire's Secret Garden: Goddess Dream and Magical Ruins, Secret Garden Rev. Bancho A ・Bancho Gaiden: Shinobi! Goemon, Oshinobu! Bancho 3, Masamune 2's Chassis/3×3EYES, Clare's Hippoden: The Tower of Sleep and the Stone of Awakening, Clare's Hippoden: The Door of Beginning and the Stone of the Sun, Hippoden: The Last, Keroro Gun, Shinobi Spirit: Dawn of Dreams, Oshinobu! Salaryman Bancho ・Ninbokuden-2~Retsukino-shou~, Hippoden~Sun Seekers~, Hippoden~The Road to Legend~, SHAKEIII SIDE-, Oshiin! Bancho 2, Shake 3, Baganacleou, Matsuriwa! Hippoden ~The Road to Legend~, Yoshimune ~Kyoku~ chassis/Bancho 2 chassis
Daxel Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru, Sora no Otoshimono Forte, Witchcraft Works, Tantei Uta Gekijo Milky Holmes TD: The Missing 7 and the Miracle Song, Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls, Magical Suite Prism Nana Ace, Magical Suite Prism Nana, Sasami-san @ Ganbaranai Surot's chassis
Across Versus/Hanabi/Hanabi Mad Black/B-MAX/Oki-Doki-25/Oki-Doki-30/Thunder V Revolt chassis
eleco Basilisk Kizuna chassis
macy Madoka Magica's cabinet / Madoka Magica 2, Kairoshiki Million Artha's cabinet
Mizuho Bazooka housing for Anazar God Hades, Basilisk Kizuna, and Basilisk 2
Olympia Attack Vision chassis for Girlfriend (Kari), Galpin, Sengoku Otome 2, etc. / Sengoku Otome -Kengeki ni Maiu Hakki Kensei-, Mistress Love, etc.
Universal Bross Million God: Triumph of the Gods/High School Fleet cabinet

With the reel stopper installed, you can enjoy playing without worrying about the noise even late at night.

Be sure to include the name of the installation model in your order.