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Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales
Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales

[New] Panela Steal [Flat, panel-type hybrid LCD type, data lamp counter with a stylish design that has a sense of unity with the gaming machine]

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Hybrid data lamp
Panelash Tail

Stylish design with a sense of unity with the game machine!
This is a data counter with a large and powerful screen.


The display function of oneA's calling lamp "PANELA Syutail" is a calling lamp with a data display function that is at the forefront of the new regulation machine era, as it can display up to 999 times of jackpots, bonuses, and ARTs, in anticipation of the emergence of machines with expanding gameplay. With a width of 460 mm, it is almost the same size as the machine, and is a large type with a sense of unity. With a slim body that is only 20 mm thin at its thinnest point, it has an elegant design that harmonizes well with any machine it is mounted on.

Segmented display for a higher level of readability

PANELA Syutail" is a hybrid type that consists of a 7-segment display and an LCD. The 7-segment segment is the one that most users look at the most during a game, and by placing it in the center of the upper part of the screen, the difficulty of seeing it due to the large size of the machine is eliminated. By placing the 7-segment segment in the center of the upper part of the display, it is easier to see. Conventional "easy-to-read data display" appealed to users with large numbers and a clean layout. In addition to these points, "PANELA Syutail" has been designed from the user's point of view to achieve a more advanced "easy-to-read display".

In the 7-segment section, there is another block that displays the number of jackpots and the number of first hits for today, the previous day, and the two days before. This is especially popular among veteran players who have been playing for many years, as it makes it easy to compare and identify data intuitively.

A tool that displays setting guess factors to help promote operation

In the LCD section, you can check more detailed data. It displays the probability of a first hit, the total number of starts, today's slump graph, and the jackpot history all at once. This layout can be called the "royal road to data display. There are five buttons on the lower part of the LCD. Pressing the Analyze button displays data that can be used to guess the settings for pachinko machines with settings. The data displayed includes the probability of hitting a jackpot during the chance period, the probability of a first hit, the number of times the machine has been changed, and the number of balls won. By switching screens, you can view the highest and average values for each of these, as well as a list for today, the past seven days, and the past 30 days.

Can be combined with an acrylic data counter stay (optional) for an even more stylish look.

If you don't want to put it on the actual machine as it is, you can use it together with the acrylic data counter stay to make it more stylish and give it a much better atmosphere.

A remote control for setting up the system and an instruction manual (optional) make it more convenient. More freedom.

If you want to make your own detailed settings, you need a remote control. A remote control for settings is a must. If you have one, it's very convenient and you can freely change the settings to your liking at any time. You can change the lighting pattern of the lamps and the display contents to your liking for more enjoyment.


Dimensions 46(W) x 18.8(D) x 19.1(H)cm
Weight approx. 1.95kg

Product contents

Panera Stell Body x 1
Mounting stand x 1
Input/output box x 1
Power supply AC adapter x 1
Acrylic data counter stay & set of mounting screws x 1 (optional)
Remote control for setting & instruction manual x 1 (optional)