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Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines Overseas Specialty Sales Site

Common to A-converter / earphone converter: Conversion harness for each model [for 2ch]

by Sound
Original price $13.00 - Original price $13.00
Original price
$13.00 - $13.00
Current price $13.00

Shipping information

  • If you purchase the machine, the optional shipping fee will be free, except for some items. The reason is that it can be packed with the machine. If you purchase only the option, the shipping fee will be charged, so we will charge the shipping fee after purchase. please note. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message.

Be sure to read

  • Yamasa Tekken 2nd series chassis, Tekken 3rd series chassis, Monkey Turn series chassis, Monkey Turn 2 series chassis] [Daito Giken Oshinobu! Bancho 2 series chassis], [Sankyo Genesis Aquarion 2 series chassis], [SNK Playmore Senku no Kiseki series chassis], [Olympia Sentai 2 series chassis], please note that the A-Converter conversion harness compatible with these models will cost 1,000 yen more than the current price due to the large number of parts used. Please note that the price will be increased by 1,000 yen. We will contact you with the revised payment amount after the order process is complete.
  • There are some models that are not compatible due to unavailability of connectors or structural reasons. If you are not sure whether your desired model is compatible or not, and you place an order for an unsupported model, we will notify you by order confirmation e-mail after your order is completed. Please note that if the product is not compatible with your desired model, we will not be able to sell the product. Before placing an order, please be sure to contact us by phone or e-mail to confirm whether or not the product is compatible with your desired model. If your model is not compatible with the A.N.A. converter, we will have to install the A.N.A. converter.
  • Even if the manufacturer is different, the conversion connector may be compatible with some models.
    Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or call our support center (TEL: 086-474-0047) for more information about the applicable models and compatibility.