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Mini data counter ART [with ART / data analysis function! ]

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ミニデータカウンターART スマホ
■If you purchase the product at the same time as the actual unit, we will ship it to you with the unit installed.

Mini Data Counter ART

An evolutionary model of "BASIC" that supports the ever-evolving and increasing number of ART models.

A feature that comes with popular actual machines these days is called "ART". This function assists the player in deciding which reel button to press during the replay time (RT).
Combined with video effects that make the game more exciting, models equipped with the ART function have been appearing one after another.
The mini data counter that supports the ART function is called "ART".
In BASIC, the number of times the player enters the ART function is counted as the number of bonuses, but in ART, the number of BIG bonuses, regular bonuses, and the number of times the player enters the ART function are displayed separately, allowing the user to read more detailed data. Of course, you can also see the differential number of tickets and machine rate, which are essential for data collection.

Automatically determine ART.

The Mini Data Counter [ART] is able to recognize the entry of ART based on the number of times a child character is formed in succession (including replays), making it possible to easily determine the entry of ART on most models without using an optical sensor as in the past.
ART entry is determined by either 5 consecutive games or 10 consecutive games with a child character.
You can easily switch between 5 consecutive games and 10 consecutive games by using the switch inside the device.
Also, if no child character is played for three consecutive games, the system automatically detects that the ART has ended.
Of course, it is also compatible with models that emit an ART signal from the actual machine. By flipping a switch inside the main unit, the mini data counter [ART] receives the signal from the actual machine, allowing you to obtain more reliable ART information.

One-button operation with no confusion

The basic operation is just as simple as pushing a single button.
However, there are 13 types of information: "number of BIG bonuses, number of regular bonuses, number of ART entries, number of starts between bonuses (game rotations), total number of game rotations, total number of differential cards, total number of ART games, total number of ART cards won, total number of cards put in, total number of cards paid out, machine rate, average (average number of games to win a bonus), type of bonus (BIG or REG) from 1 to 9 times before. You can get all kinds of information about your gameplay with 13 types of information: "Average number of games until you get a bonus" / "Type of bonus (BIG or REG) from 1 to 9 times before".
The display also has two lines, allowing you to view multiple pieces of information at once, and automatically returns to the home screen after a certain amount of time, making the sequential display easier to operate. Unlike [BASIC], only the "number of games" can be cleared by pressing and holding the button.
Moreover, the data reset is a power-off method that requires no extra operation. The data is automatically cleared when the power of the mini data counter [ART] is turned off.

Backlight and illumination for easy use in dark places.

The display of the "Mini Data Counter" is backlit. The display of the "Mini Data Counter" is backlit, so you can check the information even in a room with low lighting.
The buttons on the control panel are also illuminated by LEDs, so there is no need to grop for them in dark places. Moreover, you can choose from three different colors for the LED illumination: green, red, and blue.

A compact size that can be used in any situation you like.

The "Mini Data Counter" series has a compact size that fits in the palm of your hand, smaller than a business card (H45 x W90 x D25 (mm)).
The cable connection to the actual machine is of the cable type, and the cable length is more than 1 meter, so it can be easily operated at hand even when the cable is extended from behind the actual machine, making it easier to see and more convenient than data counters for halls.
By using the attached Velcro tape with glue for fixing, the mini data counter can be attached to the actual machine or cabinet where it can be easily seen.

Even the connection is a simple connector system.

When it comes to connecting the actual device to the options, the biggest concern is "whether or not I can connect it myself. No matter how wonderful the function of the product is, it is worthless if it cannot be installed.
All of the "Mini Data Counter" series have a simple connector system. We will send you the harness that matches the model you specify at the time of purchase, so you can connect it to the actual machine with a single touch.
If you do not know how to install it, we provide installation support by phone or e-mail, so even beginners can install the option with ease.
In addition, the part of the cable that connects the slot and the main unit and is exposed to the outside is shielded by a vinyl shield, so thin cords (lead wires) do not get in the way and do not spoil the beauty of the actual machine.

The "Mini Data Counter" series can be selected according to the functions you prefer.

In addition to the "ART" model, there are three other models of the "Mini Data Counter": the "BASIC" model, which is ideal for machines without ART, and the "ART+" model, which combines the functions of the "BASIC" and "ART" models to enable more data collection.
In addition, all models are equipped with features such as small size, simple operation, and clear and bright data display, which are typical of the "Mini Data Counter" series, so you can use them with confidence.
We hope you will use the "Mini Data Counter" series as your companion for playing slots at home and as a tool for data collection and analysis research of actual machines.

Contents and Notes

Set Contents

・Mini Data Counter [ART] Main unit x 1, Power supply AC adapter x 1, Conversion harness for different models x 1, Magic tape with glue for fixing x 2, Instruction manual included


※If you wish to use this unit with other actual devices, please purchase the optional harness.