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You can choose from 2 colors! LED reel backlight board * For 1 unit

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LEDバックライトボード スマホ

LED Reel Backlight Circuit Board

Power Saving and Long Life LED Reel Backlight Board for Pachislot

Enhance the quality of light to the utmost limit.

The face of the slot machine.
The light that colors the face of the slot machine, the reels.

The face of the slot machine is the reels.
That's because it's where players stare at for the longest time.
At the same time, it is also the most vulnerable part of a slot machine.
In particular, the backlight of the reels not only shines, but also blinks on and off depending on the direction of the game, making it a very heavily used part.
As a result, the backlight bulbs are prone to breakage, and they often become dark or dull, spoiling the image of the actual machine. This tends to dull the glamorous and fun feeling of the slot machine.
This "LED Reel Backlight Board" solves such dissatisfaction and keeps the reels glowing and beautifully illuminated forever.

A beautiful shining white?
A valve color that sticks to the original?

The LED reel backlight board is available in two colors: white LED, which shines brightly in white, and bulb color LED, which is similar to the stock color bulb color.
The cool white LED makes use of its characteristics to give a more gorgeous and vivid impression, and allows you to play with a modern image that cannot be experienced in the hall.
The light bulb LED (yellow-amber color) reproduces the image of the actual machine as faithfully as possible, and is recommended for those who are looking for ease of maintenance while maintaining originality.
Both use high-output, high-efficiency LEDs for a more comfortable playing experience.
The LED reel backlighting board is a set of three boards for one machine.

Quick and easy replacement.

The LED reel backlight board replaces the stock backlight board, so there is no need to replace the bulbs or make any adjustments.
Disconnect the various cords that connect to the reel body, pull out the reel, remove the claws that support the backlight board, and remove the board. Then, install the LED reel backlight board in place of the board, and install it in the reverse order of removing the reel, and you are done.
It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for one unit (1 set/3 reels), and anyone can easily replace the board.

No replacement required for 10 years. Economically attractive.

LED lighting has recently begun to spread to the general household. Its appeal is its long life and economic efficiency.
In general, 18 bulbs (6 bulbs per reel x 3 reels) are used for slot reel lights. Since these bulbs are so-called "wedge bulbs" and have filaments, they tend to break when subjected to vibrations or high voltage, and the lifespan of the bulbs themselves is much shorter than that of LED bulbs due to heat generation and other factors.
This LED reel backlight board is bright, yet saves about 1/10th of the power of the stock bulbs, does not emit heat, and is easy on the reel.

Size and set contents

LED side backlight board x 1pc

  • ※When purchasing, please select the [manufacturer name] of the actual machine you want to install and enter the [model name]. If the model cannot be installed, we will contact you by e-mail later.
  • ※If you purchase the actual unit at the same time, we will send it to you with the unit installed.
  • ※It is also very easy to install for those who purchase the product separately and install it by themselves, as they only need to replace the entire board.
    If you do not know how to install it, we will support you by phone or email.
  • ※Product specifications and images for Sankyo and Bisty are different.

Supported manufacturers and models

Ring ni Kakero 1 / Twelve Greek Gods / THE iDOLM@STER Live in Slot / Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion / Sakura Wars 3 -Loop ver.~/Sakura Taisen 3/Fist of the North Star: The Legend of the Savior at the End of the Century/Twin Angel 3/Eilyan Begins/Broken BLUES/Fist of the North Star, Fist of the North Star SE/Eureka Seven/Twin Angel 2/Urusei Yatsura 2 /Fighting Beauty God Oolong/ Beast King/ Aladdin A etc.
Twin Angel/Close, etc.
Taiyo Elec
To Heart2 / Puyo Puyo! / Silver and Gold / BLOOD+ / Shin Megami Tensei / Ring ni Kakero 1: Golden Japan Jr.
Winning Post / You're Under Arrest / Air Master / Nobunaga's Ambition / Secret Princess / Yume no Nyoku etc.
Ring ni kakero / Urusei Yatsura, etc.
Monster Hunter / Rahxephon / Kaze no Youjinbou ~Memory of Butterfly~ / Salaryman Kintaro / Dai Gamera / Double Challenge / Gamera ZS / Ore no Sora ~Blue Spirit of Justice~ / Gravion, etc.
Evangelion: The Time of Promise/Evangelion: Magokoro wo Kimini/Saturday Night Fever, etc.
Kumi Koda / Kumi Koda 2 / Rakushisa / More Rakushisa / Nadeshiko / Abenobashi Magical Shopping Street etc.
Mach GOGOGO/Street Fighter/Kaito King/Star of the Giants 1/Star of the Giants 2/Star of the Giants 3/Neko de Koban etc.

Video of how to replace the reel LED backlight base!

This product is for Model 5 only.
If you would like to purchase one for machine 4, please contact us by phone or email.

If you are purchasing for Sankyo or Bisty, please send us the reel backlight board (reel base) in advance.
Please note that it will take about a week for us to ship the reel backlight board (reel base) to you since we will process the LED after we receive it. Please understand that it will take about one week to ship.