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Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales
Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales

Setting 7 Board "Premium" [Orders sold separately are also possible]

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設定7基板 プレミアム 設定7基板 プレミアム

A custom ROM with the basics down, such as a direct bonus function, coin-less machine function, and autoplay, and a setting 7 board "Premium".

The "Premium" is a mid-level model of the Setting 7 board series that covers all the functions required for a custom ROM and is compatible with more actual machines. The Premium is a product that allows anyone to enjoy the freedom of playing, including the ability to draw bonuses freely, comfortable play without using coins, and game progression through autoplay.
Although Premium does not have some of the features of Kyokume, the higher-end model in the Setting 7 series, it is more affordable for those who do not need features such as ART navigation.

Basic functions that shine in the midst of multiple functions.

No matter how many functions you have, if the basic functions are inferior, you will not enjoy playing. The setting 7 board "Kyokume" provides comfort to many players by suppressing the basic functions that are often used.

Bonus Direct Hit Function
The direct bonus hit function allows you to draw a bonus at any time you want.
Bonus Set Function
You can easily specify the number of games until the bonus hits. The number of games can be set every 10 times, up to a maximum of 255 times.
Coinless Mode
Allows you to play without using coins, reducing the hassle and noise of inserting coins. You can also switch to coin play at will.
Weight Cutting Function
Cuts the wait time (4.1 seconds) between games for smoother and more comfortable play.
Credit expansion function
The main unit credits can be expanded in 100-unit increments up to a maximum of 5000 credits. Can be selected to play with coin ejection mode.

Enjoy a wide variety of payout settings.

The name of the setting 7 board comes from this "explosion setting". You can enjoy the same variety of payout settings as the top version.

There are usually six payout settings for slots, ranging from 1 to 6. However, the setting 7 board, as the name suggests, offers more than "setting 7".
For example, if you set it to setting 7, it becomes an explosion setting and goes to a high probability mode, which is not normally possible. Unlike a direct bonus hit, where you artificially draw the bonus yourself, you can only draw the bonus during the actual game play, without losing the gameplay.
In addition, the game is equipped with the same functions as the top version of "Kyokume-", such as setting 8, which randomly allocates payout settings between 1 and 6, and a function to increase or decrease the probability of winning the bonus.

Setting 1 to 6
Same as the setting on a normal actual machine.
This is the same as the setting on a normal machine.
This is the "explosion setting", which is a setting with a probability of winning that is not normally possible.
Setting 8
This mode allows you to play with the setting 7 board randomly set to the normal setting of 1 to 6, allowing you to imagine which mode you are operating in.
Setting 9
Only the bonus probability is increased, otherwise the normal setting probability can be used.
Setting 10
Only the probability of playing child characters is increased, and the rest of the game is played with the normal setting probability.

Save time, autoplay mode.

The setting 7 board "Premier" is equipped with an auto play mode. This allows you to digest games at random settings with a payout setting of 8, or have games automatically digest for data analysis. If you want to play autoplay as per the ART push-push navigation, please consider the setting 7 board "Kyokume".

There is more, the setting 7 board "premium" features.

  • Direct hit function: This is the child player version of the direct hit function of the bonus, which selects a specified child player depending on the situation.
  • 1,000 yen purchase setting: Each time you click on the checkout button, you will be credited with 1,000 yen worth of coins (can be set from 1 to 50 coins. Normally, 50 coins can be used as credit.
  • Coin payout setting for coin play: Allows you to select the coin payout pattern for the "medal jacking" setting.
  • Actual machine internal mode display function: This function allows you to simply display which mode (ART/REG/BIG/RUSH, etc.) the actual machine is currently in.

※In addition, the specifications of the on-board functions may change depending on the board development period and version.

Can be changed to another actual device by reusing the ROM.

The setting 7 board "Kyokume-" is a custom ROM that can be reused. By rewriting the data in the ROM, it can be converted to other actual machines, so it can be removed and reused (for a fee) when you are tired of playing with it or when you discard or trade it in. Since the ROM can be used over and over again, the total cost can be kept lower than that of a regular ROM.

We will check the operation before delivering it.

The Setting 7 board series is a custom ROM that can be reused. By rewriting the data on the ROM, it can be converted to other actual machines, so it can be removed and reused (for a fee) when you are tired of playing the machine or when it is collected or traded in. Since it can be rewritten as many times as necessary, the total cost can be kept low. The original genuine main ROM that came with the machine will be returned with the machine when it is sent to you, so you can replace it with the setting 7 board and play with the genuine main ROM.

There are a total of three series of Setting 7 boards. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

There are three series of setting 7 boards: the basic type "Setting 7 Board," "Premium," which supports setting 9 (only bonus probability increases), setting 10 (only child character probability increases), and autoplay (only for ART forward push), and "Kyokume-" which supports autoplay and stealth functions for ART forward push navigation. The "Kyokume-" series is only compatible with Unit 5. The others are compatible with machines 4 and 5). You can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Please note that the specifications of some of the functions may change depending on the actual machine.

Set Contents

・Slot custom ROM Setting 7 board "Premium" x 1 (preassembled)
・Stock main ROM x 1
※This product is delivered in the state that it is built into the actual machine. It is not sold separately. Please be sure to purchase the actual device.
※This product requires about 3 days longer than usual for processing and operation check.

List of Models Compatible with Setting 7 Substrate








【エンターライズ】モンスターハンター 月下雷鳴





設定7基板 共通スマホ

※The price of the setting 7 board for Basilisk Koga Ninpocho "II" and "Kizuna" will be increased by 5,000 yen due to the complicated program and high development cost. Please understand that the price will be increased by 5,000 yen. Please understand in advance.

※In Sengoku Otome -Kengeki ni Maiu Shiraki Kensei- and Sengoku Otome -Kengeki ni Maiu Shiraki Kensei-, when you turn on the power, the backup is almost completely blown and you cannot continue playing the previous game. When the backup is blown, E7 will be displayed, so please turn off the power once and start up the power while holding down stop 2 to start over from the setting change. If you want to make sure you can continue, leave the power on and try again.

Note on rewriting the ROM

The following setting 7 base for actual machines has a different shape from normal ROMs due to a special program.
For this reason, the "reuse processing" of the ROM cannot be used.
In addition, it is not possible to rewrite a normal setting 7 board for the following device.
Please understand this in advance.

  • Basilisk - Koga Ninpocho - II
  • Basilisk - Koga Ninpocho - Kizuna
  • Sengoku Otome -Kengeki ni Maiu Hakki Kensei
  • Sengoku Otome -Kengeki ni Maiu Hakki Kensei- Nishikuni Senkoku Hen
  • The main character is Zenigata 2.

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  • Out of stock: Basilisk - Koga Ninpocho - II, Basilisk - Koga Ninpocho - Kizuna, Million God - Kamigami no Keifu - ZEUSver.