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Data counter manual Daiichi Denki Industries [Dataro lamp series]

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■Data Lamp Counter Various instructions for the Daichi Denki Sangyo (Daytaro Lamp Series). Detailed explanations of remote control settings, crossover harnesses, and island lamp connections.

Daytaro Lamp 5: Product Number: DLP-5S
Product number: DLG-1S
Daytaro Lamp 6: Product Number: DLP-6S
Daytaro Lamp 61: Product Number: DLP-61S
Daytaro Lamp 30: Product Number: DLP-30S
Daytaro Lamp 7: Product Number: DLP-7S
Daytaro Lamp 7 Alpha: Product Number: DLP-7αS
Daytaro Lamp Beta (Beta): Product Number: DLB-1S
Daytaro Lamp 7G: Product Number: DLP-7GS
Daytaro Lamp Alpha: Product Number DLA-1 P/S
Daytaro Lamp 8: Product Number: DLP-8 P/S
Daytaro Lamp Beta' (Beta Dash): Product Number DLB-1D P/S
Product number: DLA-1D P/S ●Daytaro Lamp Alpha (Alpha Dash)
Daytaro Lamp X: Product No. DLX-1 P/S
Product No. DLG-2 P/S - Daytaro Lamp Gamma II
Daytaro Lamp 888: Product Number: DLP-8L P/S
Daytaro Lamp X EVOLUTION: Product Number DLX-1V P/S
Daytaro Lamp MZ (Mega Zeta): Product Number DLZ-1ML P/S
Daytaro Lamp Z (Zeta): Product Number DLZ-1L P/S
Daytaro Lamp Alpha Eco: Product Number DLA-1LE P/S
Daytaro Lamp XX: Product Number DLX-1XL P/S
Daytaro Lamp MZ-MAX: Product Number DLZ-1MLM P/S
Daytaro Lamp 10: Product Number: DLP-10 P/S
Daytaro Lamp Epsilon: Product Number: DLE-1L P/S
Epsilon Lamp: Product Number: DLE-1L P/S ●Daytaro Lamp Leon: Product Number: DLL-1L P/S
Daytaro Lamp MEGA10: Product Number: DLP-10L P/S
Daytaro Lamp SWAN: Product Number DLA-1LS P/S
Daytaro Lamp GIGA-MAX (setting table only): Product No. DLR-1 P/S
Daytaro Lamp FLARE (setting chart only): DLR-1FL P/S
Product number: DGL-1oC P/S ●Daytaro Lamp Omega: Product number: DGL-1oC P/S
Daytaro Lamp 11: Product Number: DLP-11L P/S

※If you purchase the remote control from us, you do not need to purchase this product separately as it comes with a counter instruction manual that you can use.