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Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales
Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales

Pachislot Coinless machine Platinum [semi-auto / auto / coinless]: You can easily switch play with one push! Detachable connector that can be retrofitted to your favorite machine [Orders sold separately are not accepted]

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Shipping information

  • If you purchase the machine, the optional shipping fee will be free, except for some items. The reason is that it can be packed with the machine. If you purchase only the option, the shipping fee will be charged, so we will charge the shipping fee after purchase. please note. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message.
遊べる4つのプレイスタイル 超簡単なワンプッシュモード切替 面倒な電源ON/OFFもリモコンで! ワイヤレスリモコンで家スロをもっと楽しむ。 オートプレイ停止センサーでBONUSだけを楽しむ。

Platinum" model, a coinless machine with five modes to choose from.

  • You can enjoy five different play styles to suit your mood: remote control play, coinless play, coin play, auto play, and semi-auto play.

    Switching between play style modes is super easy with the combination of pressing the STOP button. Of course, you can also use the remote control to switch modes.

    It's a hassle to turn the power switch inside the machine on and off every time!
    In response to the voices of many customers who said, "It's a hassle to turn on and off the power switch inside the actual machine every time", Platinum has made it possible to turn the power on and off with the remote control.
    As a result, you can now enjoy playing easily, conveniently, and efficiently at any time.

    The biggest advantage of the "Platinum" coin-operated machine is its remote control mode, which allows you to operate the machine from a distance.
    Relaxing on the sofa...
    ・I'm going to lie down on the bed...
    ・While I'm on the computer...
    You can enjoy playing in a variety of situations such as
    In addition, you can comfortably operate the game without worrying about the reflection in the actual video streaming.

    By installing the optional Auto-Play Stop Sensor, you can stop Auto-Play only on actual machines with a bonus announcement lamp.
    When you are out of the office or busy, you can run the game on auto play and start playing from the BONUS by yourself.
    If you use it well, you can save time. The sensor is designed to react to light and stop the machine.

    Set Contents

    • Coin-less machine "Platinum" model (installation processing) x 1
    • Dedicated remote control x 1
    • Instruction manual
    • Mode switching operation chart (sticker)

    ※This product is for installation only. It cannot be removed. It is not sold individually or separately.
    ※When ordering, please purchase together with the actual device. Please make sure to enter the model name in the model name field. The coin-operated machine for the model you entered will be attached to the actual machine free of charge and shipped to you (no shipping fee is required for the actual machine).
    ※The operation method may be different for some models.

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