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Pachinko version PC data counter "Oguroku Pachinko Counter" [Data can be viewed on a PC monitor! Ideal for internet distribution! ]

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Shipping information

  • If you purchase the machine, the optional shipping fee will be free, except for some items. The reason is that it can be packed with the machine. If you purchase only the option, the shipping fee will be charged, so we will charge the shipping fee after purchase. please note. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message.

Oguroku Pachinko Counter, a PC data counter for pachinko that is most suitable for distributing actual machines over the Internet

Ideal for actual machine distribution! Data can be displayed in a way that is easy for viewers to see.

A normal data counter has the disadvantage that it is difficult for viewers to see the number of jackpots, the number of rotations, and the number of differential balls.
The Oguroku pachinko counter can clearly display the number of large game rotations and the number of jackpots on the monitor, giving viewers a more realistic sense of the game and the tension involved.

Easy installation! Just load the CD and follow the setup menu and click!

NET FrameWork and other applications by yourself, which was a bit of a hurdle for amateurs. The software is automatically integrated into the system, making it easy for anyone to install.
The PC data counter has become more familiar to us.

With a wide variety of data display, transparency, fonts and background colors to choose from, there is plenty of originality.

You can change the layout and choose from a variety of background colors to create a design that suits your taste. The software also supports chroma key processing when distributing actual machines on the Internet or recording, making it very convenient to create a composite video of actual pachinko machines and the Oguroku pachinko counter.

Data that can be displayed by the Oguroku pachinko counter

Total number of revolutions
Big win of the day
2R/small hit
Max. initial rotation
Maximum number of hits
Biggest Win
Start of play
Elapsed time ("Start playing" and switching every 5 seconds)
Slump graph
Differential ball display
Mini screen (start, total number of rotations, consecutive jackpot, daily jackpot, 2R/small jackpot)

Oguroku pachinko counter customization items

Font change
Unit display
Change background color (gray/black/purple)
Counter Shape Change Menu
Lose Edge (Cannot Move) Menu
Fixed Start Display
Display 2R/Kodachi
Display start time/elapsed time
Change the display every 5 seconds
(Graph) Index not displayed
Display of graph itself
Graph detachment

You can select the background color for chroma keying, so if you use a distribution software with chroma keying function, the contents of the counter can be projected on the screen for easy viewing of the distribution. When distributing or recording video, you will need a separate distribution software that supports video composition in order to combine the images.

Data can be easily carried over to the next day! You can also output the jackpot history in CSV format.

Even if you close the software in the middle of playing, the data is still there, so you can resume the game the next day from where you left off.
The accumulated jackpot history can be exported in CSV format, and the data can be graphed in Excel or other formats, which is useful for data collection.

It is also possible to display a more realistic virtual differential ball count for machines equipped with the Daichi accelerator.

It is also able to handle the speed of Daichi's accelerator-equipped machines. Previous versions could not handle this, but this new version overcomes this weakness. The new version overcomes this weakness, allowing for a more realistic virtual differential.

Connection diagram included for easy connection by anyone.

A wiring diagram of the pachinko external terminal board for each model is provided in an easy-to-understand diagram, so anyone can easily connect the wires as shown in the diagram.

■Operating environment

  • WindowsVISTA(bit/32bit)
  • Windows 7(bit/32bit)
  • Windows8.1(bit/32bit)

※Apple Macs are not supported.

Set Contents

Oguroku pachinko counter software (CD)
USB connection digital input cable (2.0m)
USB cable A:miniB type (1.5m)
Conversion harness for pachinko connection
Oguroku Pachinko Counter Instruction Manual
Oguroku Pachinko Counter Manual Display Method Description
Connection diagram of Oguroku pachinko counter
Connection diagram of pachinko external terminal board by model


※Models with connectors on the external terminal board cannot be installed.

It will not work with any other USB cable than the one provided. Use of other software or other cables is not covered by the warranty.
Please note that it is not possible to connect and use the data counter for the hall at the same time.