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Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales
Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales

A-Custom ROM [Jackpot direct hit / auto play function installed] [Sold separately is also OK! ]

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  • If you purchase the machine, the optional shipping fee will be free, except for some items. The reason is that it can be packed with the machine. If you purchase only the option, the shipping fee will be charged, so we will charge the shipping fee after purchase. please note. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message.
MAX機を激甘デジに大変身!! 大当り直撃機能搭載!!ワンプッシュで大当り!! 多彩な設定項目で実機をトコトン、カスタマイズ! 指1本で、玉打ち・オートを自由に使い分け。 『打-WIN』コンプリートならA-CUSTOM ROM! ROM式だから、実機の外観を損ねません。 自分でできる!!ROMの取付け作業。 誰にでも分かる、ワンボタンの簡単設定。 同一実機なら仕様違いでも使用OK!

One of A-Custom ROM's key features is its wide range of jackpot probability settings, ranging from a jackpot probability that exceeds that of a MAX machine to a jackpot probability of less than 1/50th that of a sweet digital machine.

With A-Custom ROM, you can hit the jackpot directly at will.
All you have to do is to press and hold the reset button for about two seconds. After releasing the reset button, the jackpot will be confirmed when the ball hits the start prize. This is a long-awaited feature for pachinko fans that allows you to easily and reliably recreate brilliant movies at any time.

The A-Custom ROM can be used to set more than just the jackpot probability.
The A-Custom ROM can be set to a wide variety of payout probability settings, such as the probability of hitting a jackpot during a "steady state" period and the probability of opening the electric valve.

  • Jackpot probability during steady state
  • Probability of winning the Electric Chu opening
  • Percentage of jackpot rounds that are variable (16R/4R)
  • Morning setting
  • Hazure Reach Rate, etc.

※Some actual machines may not have some of the setting items.

The A-Custom ROM comes standard with an auto function. To switch between manual and automatic operation, simply press the reset button.
You can also change the winning speed of the slot according to your preference and situation. Of course, right-handed hitting is also handled automatically as in actual play.

A-CUSTOM ROM is recommended for those who want to complete "Uchi-WIN", Heiwa's smartphone-linked service, efficiently.
The A-Custom ROM has a direct hit function, a payout probability setting function, and an auto function, making it easy to complete even the most difficult missions.
The A-Custom ROM allows you to complete even the most difficult missions.

A-Custom ROM is an option that replaces the stock ROM.
Therefore, the appearance of the device will not change, and the buttons and controller will not be exposed.
This is especially recommended for customers who want to "stick to the original design as much as possible" because it is their favorite device. This is especially recommended for customers who want to "stick to the original design as much as possible!

A-Custom ROMs are not only sold embedded, but are also sold individually.
If you have the necessary tools (nippers, cutter knife, +/- screwdriver), you can install it by yourself.
Why don't you update your actual machine with your own hands and have a never-before-seen home video game experience?

The A-Custom ROM is a one-button system that uses the "Reset" button on the actual device to make settings.
Since no other buttons are used, anyone can easily set the actual device settings.
The settings can be checked on the LED display of the actual device, so the settings can be made with peace of mind.

A-Custom ROM is not only for MAX specification.
It can be used for different specifications of the same machine (sweet digital, middle, etc.). You can use the same machine with different specifications (sweet digital machine, middle machine, etc.), and enjoy the difference by changing the sweet digital machine to the "very sweet" specification, or by using the MAX specification.
Of course, if you purchase the cheaper MAX specification of the same actual machine, you can play it as a sweet digital machine! This does not mean that the specifications will be exactly the same as the actual machine with the sweet digital specification. Only the jackpot probability will be equivalent to the sweet digital version.

Set Contents

  • instructions×1

※If this product is purchased at the same time as the actual device, it will be delivered with the device installed.
※Customers who purchase the actual device at the same time will also receive the genuine ROM in the package.
※Please note that it takes about 3 days longer than usual to process and check the operation of this product.

Supported models

  • [Heiwa] CR Sengoku Ebisu 2
  • [Heiwa] CR Sengoku B Girls 3
  • [Heiwa] CR Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls
  • [Heiwa] CR Rio 2 Rainbow Road
  • [Heiwa] CR Mahjong Story: Reishi no Tenpai Otome
  • [Heiwa] CR Pachinko Rio (Heiwa)
  • [Sankyo] CR Fever Macross Frontier (Sankyo)
  • [Sammy] Pachinko CR Hokuto no Ken 5 Haha*
  • [Sansei] CR GARO Makai Senki Ko XX

※The "Pachinko CR Hokuto no Ken 5 Ha-sha" is not equipped with an automatic rotation function due to the actual machine specifications. If you wish to have automatic rotation, you need to install an auto controller separately.