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Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales
Premium Quality Pachinko Machines and Pachislot Machines for Sales
Questions about pachinko terminology

Questions about pachinko terminology

What is "CR" in Pachinko?
A pachinko machine that borrows balls with a prepaid card.  There are various theories about the meaning of "CR", but the abbreviation of "CARD READER" by using cards is a leading candidate.  The "CR" system, which appeared in 1992, required a prepaid card to be purchased from a vending machine to play.  However, the number of pachinko parlors using "CR" has decreased, and as of 2023, they have all disappeared.  The point is that it is a pachinko machine that can be linked with the old system.

What is the "P machine" in pachinko?
Many models of CR-type pachinko have appeared, but with the revision of the law in February 2018, the curtain will close after about 30 years of history.  The pachinko machines that appeared after that were called "P machines."  Various changes have already been made since the appearance of the P machine, such as the implementation of settings (6 levels of settings used for slots), the maximum number of rounds, and the implementation of play time, expanding the range of play.  It is good to remember that "CR = old standard machine" and "P = new standard machine".  By the way, there is a strong theory that the "P" in P machine is the initial letter of "Personal System" that made the housing type possible.

Why are there different subnames for the same Garopachinko?
I think it's about "CR Garo GOLDSTORM Sho".  For example, it has the same feeling and meaning as the movies "Rocky 4: Fire Friendship" and "Rocky 5: Last Drama".  Therefore, the story displayed on the pachinko LCD differs depending on the Galo series.

What do the letters and numbers behind the names of pachinko machines mean?
I will explain the meanings of RH, FPK, FPH, etc. inspection are listed after the name of pachinko.  Alphabets and numbers are forms for taking the inspection.  Pachinko machines must be inspected to see if they are suitable for use in halls, and they cannot be sold unless they pass the inspection.  Manufacturers put alphabets and numbers on pachinko machines for this inspection.  Alphabets and numbers are added because it is troublesome to change the name if the inspection fails every time.  It may also make sense depending on the manufacturer.

For example, pachinko maker Fuji Shoji has many machines called FP*.

    F = Fuji Shoji
    P = Pachinko
    that's what it means.
    The last one is unknown only to the developer of the manufacturer, and there are various types such as F = full spec, L = large, S = small.  In short, I think that it is good to recognize that the difference in the alphabet is the difference in specifications.

What is pachinko light middle?
Light middle is one of the terms used to describe pachinko specs.

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